annual reports

The Value of a Fresh Pair of Eyes

By Communications

A client told us a horror story from her previous job. The team was preparing an annual report. They looked at it and looked at it, making minor edits and proofing and at last, approved it and sent it off to the printer. “When the finished report arrived the last name of a major donor had been cut off!” she said. A total nightmare for anyone in fundraising!

We know how hard it is to see errors when you’ve been looking at the same document over and over. We don’t trust our own eyes to a final proof and dedicate a fresh pair of eyes to content going out to the world. That means an editor and proofreader who has never seen the document before will give it the once-over before it gets published. Errors are caught!

If your team could use extra arms, legs and yes, EYES, Jaggers Communications has a team of people who can give your documents that last, all-important look. It’s worth the investment.