blogging best practices

Small Business Blogs: How to do it right

By Social Media

I’m so delighted and proud of the way SCARPA is using their blog. Yes! SCARPA is a client!

Check this out — a recent blog post that incorporates several best practices elements, 3 Ways to Tie a Scarf:

  1. It provides value, teaching a skill clients really want to have.
  2. It uses video, thus capturing the YouTube audience as a second source of search engine optimization.
  3. It’s REAL and authentic, from a real employee demonstrating something she’s asked about in the store on a daily basis. It’s not high quality, polished and professionally produced, but that’s part of its charm. It’s Kai’li — someone SCARPA shoppers know, sharing what she knows with a wider audience.

And now you know three ways to tie a scarf!