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10 Slang Phrases that Should be Retired Right Now

By Communications

If you know me well, you know that I made a resolution at the end of 2010 to be fist-bump free. It wasn’t so much a chore for me — I’m not a fist-bump giver, proactively. Nor am I much of a high-fiver. In fact, I loathe both of these practices. The swearing-off of the fist-bump was designed to discourage the behavior in others, resulting in some awkward moments in 2011 (I’m leaving people hanging all over Central Virginia).

The fist-bump is closely followed by numerous phrases (and certain terms) that should be forceably removed from our collective communications immediately. If you’re still firing these off with frequency, particularly in business communications (e-mail offenders are rampant), it’s time to do a little soul searching and catchphrase cleanup. If you catch me using any of the following, feel free to call me out.

  1. You go, girl.
  2. NOT!
  3. Ai’ight.
  4. Calling anyone “girlfriend.”
  5. Don’t go there.
  6. Winning.
  7. Epic fail, fail, or fail-ing in general.
  8. Brain fart.
  9. Whatever.
  10. Anyways. (Yes, with an “s” — please stop.)

Any to add to the list?