celebrating a birthday on facebook

Facebook: The Best Place to Celebrate a Birthday

By Social Media

November 13 was my birthday. It’s OK if you missed it. (SNIFF!) Just make sure you make a note of it for next year.

I am a big fan of birthdays; I celebrate mine in a big way and my friends’ birthdays as well. I used to spend much of my birthday on the phone and getting together with friends — I still do a lot of that but Facebook has expanded my birthday into a pangalactic holiday. (That’s right. Aliens celebrate it, too.) Throughout the day I heard from childhood friends, cousins, clients, former clients, colleagues, people I only know online and close family and friends wishing me well on my Facebook profile.

It’s fantastic!

If there’s a so far unconvinced social media-interested person in your life, make sure they have a Facebook account and connect with all their contacts and friends before their birthday — they’ll get a kick out of all the birthday wishes and begin to understand how the platform keeps people connected to one another in the simplest of ways.