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Sometimes, I Forget the iPhone is Actually, In Fact, a Phone

By Communications

My plans last night got totally goofed up. Long story, short, amid much texting and plans being arranged and re-arranged, I misunderstood the final verdict and the result was that two-thirds of our party ended up at one restaurant, and one-third at another. Sigh.

I was sad to miss out on dinner with my friends, but we made the best of it, of course (and the butternut squash crepes I had were delicious.)

I want to learn a lesson from this — I think if I’d called instead of texting at some point, I could have clarified the information and avoided the goof. I think I was so convinced that I knew what was planned, that my misplaced confidence got in the way. Whoops.

So my communication lesson from this is to confirm — even when you think you know, it only takes a few seconds to verify. Repeating back what you think you know to be true solves a lot of communications problems — and is a good habit to develop. I’m going to work on it, and hopefully that will lead to a dinner out with my good friends, all at the same restaurant — in the near future!