#election2012 social media and the election

#Election2012 and the Normalization of Social Media

By Communications, Social Media

Today, Election Day 2012, I, of course am thinking about the last presidential election, and how, for me and for millions of Americans, it was the first presidential election we watched unfold on Twitter.

This time around, that doesn’t seem at all unusual. This time, social tools for a nationally-watched event are so integral, I can’t even imagine an election without them. It’s somewhat unbelievable to me that voting hasn’t become a totally online experience and I wonder if it’s possible we’ll get there between now and 2016. One thing is sure, our use of Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other tools have grown so significantly, it seems by the next presidential election there will be nary a voter without access to and regular use of one or more of these platforms.

I will likely have an eye on Twitter throughout the day with a glance at Facebook now and again. Later tonight will be a combination of TV and communal watching the results come in with others in person and via the social networks.

Get out there and vote, and let me know how you plan to watch the election unfold.