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Five Actions to Take on your Facebook Business Page Right Now

By Communications
  1. Grab your vanity URL by going to www.facebook.com/username (you must have 25+ fans to qualify) so your URL will look something like this: http://www.facebook.com/JaggersCommunications
  2. Go to Edit Page and Manage Permissions — at the bottom, choose Strong if you don’t want any profanity on your page, medium if you don’t mind a little, or none if you’re a member of the George Carlin club (link NSFW if you read it out loud).
  3. Go to Edit Page (again) and click on Featured. Manage the links to page you like that show up in the sidebar on YOUR page. (Consider featuring clients, partners, top customers, etc.)
  4. On the same section as #3, select a featured page owner or owners. This helps people see who the humans are behind your business to know with whom they’re interacting on the page.
  5. This is the badge for CHOAirport

    Back on Edit Page under Marketing, select create a badge and then, well, create a badge and put that on your website.

Stay tuned for future posts featuring more smart ideas for your Facebook Business page.