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Charlottesville Workshop: LinkedIn for the Job Seeker

By Communications

After being approached by no less than four disgruntled or about-to-be-laid off people in the last 48 hours, I’m launching a series of workshops to help. I think the biggest charge I get out of doing what I do is when it helps someone land a job or a new and better opportunity. I love connecting people to one another and to the next great moment in their lives. I’m going to start with a workshop at OpenSpace on Thursday, March 31 from 9-11am – LinkedIn for Job Seekers.

This workshop is designed for active job seekers and those interested in improving their professional online presence.  This hands-on session will include:

  • Developing a searchable professional headline;
  • Optimizing your professional profile; and
  • Strategically increasing your social network.

Participants will be led through active job searches via social networks. Laptops are recommended but not required.


OR . . . pass along to a job seeking friend.