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Does your 14-year-old Need a LinkedIn Profile?

By Social Media

linkedin for educationThink about it. Kids who are 13 have Facebook profiles. They navigate the social web personally (being kids, being themselves) interacting with friends and posting content on Vine, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Why NOT a LinkedIn profile? After all, we know that the college application process includes admissions offices peeking at kids’ Facebook and Twitter presences, Googling the names of applicants for any evidence of university acceptance unworthiness; why NOT begin positioning yourself (as a kid) or your (hopefully) college-bound offspring with professional online credentials, instead of just goofy duck lips pictures and fandom effusiveness?

To attract the high school set, LinkedIn announced University Pages, a concept that is overdue and welcome. Kids should not just be comfortable using social media personally, but have a full understanding of how they present themselves online, and what impact it can make on their futures as students.