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Social Media Assignment #12: Add Featured Likes to Facebook Fan Page

By Communications

The first assumption I’m going to make in this post is that you are the administrator of a Facebook fan page for your business. If you dare to say, “why no, Mj, I have a profile for my business,” get out of here!

On the fan page for your business, you have the opportunity to showcase five businesses your business “likes.” This is a great way to feature clients, vendors, tenants and/or business partners. Let’s take a look!

I’m using the Jaggers Communications Facebook page as an example, to start. I make an effort to keep the five featured likes the pages of current clients. It helps my firm’s clients build their online presence and helps manage the brand of my business.

Here’s how to add featured likes to your page. Login to Facebook, go to your page and select edit page. ¬†From the menu on the left, select Featured.

Now, if it turns out you have not made any other pages your page’s favorite ¬†— or, to put it another way, used Facebook “as your page” and “liked” other pages from that page, you’ll need to do that so you have pages to feature!

Gosh, I know how ridiculous all of this reads . . . blame Zuckerberg, not me. I’m just an interpreter.

When you click on Edit Featured Likes, you can select the five pages you want to make sure appear in your sidebar consistently. If you don’t determine which five, then the featured pages that appear in your sidebar will rotate among the pages your page has liked.

Check among the pages listed the five you’d like to feature, hit save and you’re done! Congratulations — you have completed another Jaggers Communications Social Media Assignment. Go get a cookie.