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WTF? Friday: Quoting others on Twitter Ad Nauseum

By Communications

WTF FridayI love the flow of Twitter. I feel a rush when a newsworthy event occurs and the stream rises with discussion and news sharing. I have met good friends, learned so much and grown my business because of the way most of us use the platform to communicate.

There’s one practice some engage in on Twitter that just stops me cold: the launching of endless motivational quotes.

There are a few people I followed initially because I know them and am familiar with their work. Time quickly demonstrated to me that their use of this platform has been misguided and that the bulk of their engagement consists of words others have said. I think my friend Emma said it best:

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/SocialMediaEmma/status/83121390449991680″]

What’s a Twitter user to do? Well, I ‘m taking a stand. I’m unfollowing the quoters. It’s such an irrelevant interruption to the conversation I can no longer abide it. How about you?

Jaggers, out.