Hanging with the Rotarians

By Communications, Social Media

I once infamously told Ken Mueller never to let me say I’d wake up early to get work done, if I could be doing it the night before. So here I am at dawn, (OK, a look outside the window confirms that it is actually BEFORE dawn) writing this post.

I am up early for two reasons; one, to write and two, I am speaking at a Rotary meeting at 7am.

7am people! That’s super early for me. It is, possibly, the earliest speaking gig I have ever had. I’m not even sure I can speak at that hour.

I have never been to a Rotary meeting, so I was curious to know more about the group. I know several people in this particular chapter, but it occurred to me yesterday that I don’t really know much about the Rotarians.

So I Googled (my daughter complains, “is there NOTHING you won’t Google?”) and learned that Rotary clubs meet EVERY WEEK. That’s impressive, for one, and, where I thought they were more of a business networking group, they’re actually a humanitarian organization, encouraging ethical behavior in all vocations, serving their communities and promoting peace and goodwill.

I’m impressed. I’m also viewing my friends the Rotarians, in a new light. I’m off to share information with them about how they can reach their goals with the help of social media. I’ll let you know what I learn, in return.