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Wahooptie: Rolling in the Social

By Social Media

What is a Wahooptie, you might ask, if you’re not from Charlottesville, have visited Charlottesville or otherwise have some tie to the University of Virginia. A Wahooptie is a cab; not just a cab, a taxi service, a line of limousines, a brightly colored fleet prepared to deliver you safely from point A to point B anywhere in Central Virginia.

This, is a Wahooptie:

Ummm Hmmm.

I’ve enjoyed Wahooptie interaction via Twitter and observed an active Facebook page (smart place to engage college students). But I was MOST impressed with the service’s presence on my wrist when I attended a recent concert at the Jefferson Theater.

Wahooptie sponsored the wristbands and included a QR code for a ride home in case concert attendees had too much to drink. This has my vote for most useful QR code placement (although I wonder how often it’s used.) I could envision a friend scanning another friend’s wristband and ushering them into a hot pink limousine, easily. Who doesn’t want a ride home in that kind of style?

What useful QR codes have you seen?