How Liking Teavana almost Made me Single

By Social Media

The day I clicked “like” on the Facebook page for Teavana was the day my husband told me he was leaving me. 

Ardent, passionate Teavana drinkers for years, my spouse had recently had a falling out with the company, so the timing of my endorsement could not have been worse. Our favorite tea of all time is the Earl Grey Creme. The company had changed the blend with a noticeable difference in taste. Annoyed, my other half went straight to the company’s website and left a comment.

Interestingly, the comment never showed up. Is Teavana moderating out comments it doesn’t like? The incident caused me to investigate the company’s use of its website and social platforms.

The brand seems to be getting the social piece only half right — allowing its community to comment on the website is great, (if comments are displayed) but there doesn’t appear to be any interaction. No questions are answered by the brand. On Twitter customer service is active; on Facebook, the conversation is updated frequently by someone posting on behalf of the company. Why not manage the website the same way?

So, to stay married, we’re switching to another tea company, unless Teavana can save the day.