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Truly Tasteless Tweets: The Hook Rides the Huguely Trial Trend

By Social Media

In the Twitterverse, the hashtag is used to assist users searching or following a particular topic. When there is breaking news or a popular conversation happening online, a particular hashtag might trend. In Charlottesville, and even nationally, the trial of a UVa student for the murder of a fellow UVa student has been trending with the hashtag of the accused’s last name: #Huguely.

In an appalling twist, a local newsweekly has decided to capitalize on the trend, tweeting the hashtag and connecting it to local restaurant features. A sampling of the offensive tweets appears below.

Brands much bigger than The Hook have tried this technique with disastrous results: Entenmann’s and Kenneth Cole have both tried “hashtag stuffing” making themselves look like complete asses. 


Interesting that The Hook is following suit.

What do you think of this practice?


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