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Social Media was Made for Weather Reporting: How the Newsplex CBS-19 Weather Team Rocks Twitter

By Communications

A couple of guys I consider good friends watch the weather in Central Virginia and make sure everyone knows it. Brantley Ussery and Travis Koshko lead the meteorology pack in social media and on TV (in my opinion — also, in full disclosure, I worked with the Newsplex a few years ago to help develop a social media plan and provided some training). The Klout score the team has earned is a respectable 47 — but what’s great about it is how the team engages with the local audience, sharing behind the scenes glimpses (tweeting about music and sometimes bacon!) as well as being there to support the community when weather turns dangerous or unpredictable.

Here’s proof of the impact the meteorology team of the Newsplex has in the community. The following is a great promotional spot the station created following a bout of thunderstorms and tornado warnings. I love the way comments from the Twitter and Facebook community are featured throughout the spot. It demonstrates that the Newsplex understands the relationship between on-air talent and viewers who are also online blends back and forth seamlessly and simultaneously.

Here’s the spot — what do you think?