3 Social Media Details to Share with the Boss

By January 19, 2011Social Media

And what kind of day are you having? on TwitpicPrint this post and put it on  your boss’s desk. Next to the coffee cup/s.

There are a few details your employees want you to  know about social media.

  1. Brands that are the most engaged in social media saw their revenue grow during 2008 by 18 percent while the least engaged brands saw losses of negative 6 percent. [1]
  2. Studies show that small businesses that blog get 55% more visitors to their websites. [2]
  3. “Neither a press release nor a full-page ad in The New York Times will boost your search engine ratings as much as a regularly updated blog. The shortest, cheapest, fastest and easiest route to a prominent Google ranking is to blog often.” — Robert Scoble and Shel IsraelNaked Conversations

It’s important to not only consider integrating social media into your marketing, it’s imperative that you do so. Your employees need support to do this; social media takes time, and if they’re not working from a specific, strategic plan, it can take even more time.

If you have found this on your desk it’s because (lucky you!) someone who works for you cares about your business. Help them get the resources they need to integrate social media in a way that is smart, strategic and has measurable results.

Congratulations on having a smart, savvy employee and best wishes for the future of your company.

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  • Ken Mueller says:

    I really love that 3rd point and it’s one of the reasons I stress blogging. You can spend a lot of time focusing on SEO, but if you are blogging regularly, most of that will take care of itself. People don’t realize that a consistent, well crafted blog with relevant content satisfies just about everything the search engines are looking for.