5 Social Stupidities that Drive me Absolutely Nuts

By December 29, 2011Social Media
  1. Auto DMs under ANY circumstance, but mostly the ones that say “thanks for following me.”
  2. The “egg” as avatar on Twitter. Or the profile image that isn’t of the person whose profile it is. I don’t want to see babies, cats, celebrities, your grandma or some cartoon character. Dude. I don’t care what you look like, but your profile image better sure as hell be you.
  3. ¬†Individuals or companies “engaging” on social platforms by posting incessantly (never replying; never sharing others’ content). Blech.
  4. SPAM.
  5. Fake SPAM. Have you seen this? The “Correction” email to apologize for an email sent erroneously? TOTALLY BOGUS. Beware.

How about you? What are your social peeves?

One Comment

  • Dave Shockley says:

    Thanks I agree with all 5. It is becoming my policy if they do not have a photo (of themselves) or a completed profile I do not return the follow or add them to a circle etc. It only makes since that you would want to know a little something about the individual asking for a follow. I have had some even ask me to give them a referrence on other social edia sites and I have no idea who they are or I have just recently connected with them. They may have had a complete profile, but hey I don’t really know you.