Blog Comments and What to Do About Them

By September 16, 2010Social Media

Do you allow comments on your blog? Do you moderate them? Why or why not?

Some thoughts on how to handle blog comments:


  • Sean McCord says:

    I, too, use filters and anti-spam plug-ins, but still to often find spam on my many blogs. I now favor using re-captcha or some other simple question-and-response plug-in on my comments in order to keep out the robots.

  • I moderate comments from first-time commenters only, partly because it helps me catch the few spammers who escaped my filter, but mostly because I’ve had a problem with a few cranks who have tried multiple ways of leaving unpleasant comments.

    I do have a comment policy that’s written pretty strongly, but it was in direct response to some issues I have having last year. (See cranks, above.)

    As for negative comments, I don’t get too many, but when I do, I tend to leave them there and then respond to them.

    The comments that I will delete for sure are those that are only marginally related to the post and are trying to sneak in some sales/marketing for a person’s product.