Breakfast at Beer Run: Thinking about Social Engagement, Timing and the Right Questions

By March 27, 2012Social Media

I’m having breakfast at Beer Run today, something I do with frequency. It’s a best kept secret, in my book. (OK, I guess not so much now that I just blabbed it here.) I like the energy here, the quiet in the morning, the really good breakfast menu (build your own!), the ability to be here when deliveries of super special craft beers arrive and the always consistent wifi. It’s odd, I know, to work from, what is MOSTLY a bar, but in the morning, it’s the ideal location.

Because I’m a regular here at all times of day (*cough*) I’m greeted warmly and often with my beverage of choice (dictated, of course, by the time of day I arrive). Yes, I am drinking a cup of coffee right now. Since the staff knows what I do professionally, sometimes we talk business — either theirs or mine.

This morning we’re talking a bit about questions we ask online to engage our communities. Sometimes, you can post a status update or a question and it just takes off like wildfire. There are comments and “likes” galore and everyone has to chime in. Topic is key, but timing is an important element. You have to be on the right platform at the right time, i.e., when everyone else is there and eager to engage.

When the heck is that?!

It’s really different for every community. Case in point, I’m at a beer joint in the morning! The engaged community is present around 5pm, not now. Paying attention to the trends in your business, the footsteps, either literal or virtual, and when they increase and decrease is important. Reviewing the referring platforms that deliver fans to your doorstep and posting there — also important.

I’m ruminating on the best way to post a personal question across my social platforms and the best time to do so (it’s not business; it’s personal, so even trickier to figure out). So stay tuned, if you’re into that sort of thing, because in my world, personal and professional blur one to the other.