Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page (Even When You’re Sure it Doesn’t)

By May 17, 2012Social Media

When businesses began to ponder whether they needed a website, the same conversations occurred:

  • What for?
  • Who is going to look at it?
  • We’re not a consumer business; Facebook doesn’t apply to us.

The same answers apply now as did then; when people go looking for your business online, you need to manage what it is they find. If people (and, as we know, they ARE) are spending time on Facebook, then you should be there. If your business has a page, you should spend the time needed to make sure it works well, looks OK (is your logo there? Is there a good cover image?) and has captured the page’s custom URL.

Get it done — it can be really messy if someone who is unauthorized does it for you.