But Honestly Monica, Five things Cooks’ Source Should do Right Now

By November 9, 2010Social Media

If you’ve been online or follow any social media news whatsoever, you’ve probably been exposed to the social media spanking being heaped upon Judith Griggs of Cooks’ Source.

If you haven’t seen it, let me sum up:

Monica Guadio wrote an article; Cooks Source (and that apostrophe above is mine — for Pete’s sake, the title of the publication – the way they write it — isn’t even correct!) took it, made some changes and published it as theirs. Monica called them on it and received an outrageously arrogant response from the editor. You really have to read about it on Monica’s website and read the response it its original state to get the full benefit of outrage. The “but honestly, Monica” is so deliciously condescending it’s become both a hashtag and a trending phrase.

The community took up their virtual torches and pitchforks and let Cooks Source have it on their Facebook page.

Here are five things Cooks Source should do RIGHT NOW:

  1. Fire Judith Griggs and replace her immediately.
  2. Apologize, immediately and sincerely (no, “my bad” is not an apology) and begin putting to rights all the wrongs it has committed.
  3. Re-brand and overhaul the publication — its practices are abhorrent and illegal – if the publication doesn’t go under from lawsuits and legal fees, it will be a minor miracle.
  4. In a good faith effort, OWN UP to all past mistakes and make a commitment to financially support an up and coming food writer through scholarship, in addition to paying for all of the purloined content they have taken over the years.
  5. Consider adding that apostrophe if you’re going to keep the name. Just sayin’.

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