Facebook for Family History

By March 30, 2011Communications

Photo credit: Waterford Historical Museum and Cultural Center

I know you all know that I’m a fan of social media for business. Once in awhile though, social media takes my breath away and I just have to share.

Now, this is a personal example, but makes yet another point of the value of the online social network.

The house on the left is where my father grew up in Waterford, New York. It was divided into four apartments, 11 children in my dad’s family, 11, 7 and 6 kids in each of the other families. That’s 34 kids growing up in close quarters.

The Waterford Historical Museum and Cultural Center posted the photo on Facebook and asked the community to identify it.

The appearance of this photo has led to me connecting with a cousin and an aunt, but also, the remaining children of those families that grew up there are beginning to find one another and reminisce.

I just think that’s magical and love watching it evolve.