Feed Me, Seymour: 4 Reasons Your Site Needs an RSS Feed

By February 11, 2010Social Media, Uncategorized

RSS1. It will make you less annoying. Offering an RSS feed to site visitors allows them to opt in to your content, when THEY want to read it. This is far less annoying than demanding they sign up for your e-newsletter. In the absence of either newsletter or feed, you’re forcing people to voluntarily remember to return to your URL. And that’s annoying.

2. Search Engine Optimization. Producing an RSS feed and creating regularly updated content to that feed helps your content get discovered. You want to be discovered, right?

3. Welcome to the 21st century. Without an RSS feed, your Web site looks like it might be your first Web site; you know, from 1999. That impression left on visitors also may make them wonder how outdated the rest of your practices are and whether you really care about your brand.

4. Convenience. There are a lot of people who say they haven’t adopted the use of RSS feeds, but then again, there are a lot of people who have, and don’t realize it. The advantage of feeds is that it allows the user to subscribe to your content by using an RSS feed reader or by having the content delivered to an e-mail account.