Five Reasons to Go to a Social Media Workshop from Jaggers Communications this Week

By June 10, 2014Social Media

Wednesday, June 11 and Thursday, June 12 I’ll be offering social media workshops at a great location on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. There are a few seats left for each session, and you can reserve yours now by calling 434-260-7144. Here’s why YOU should sign up:

  1. It’s a way to get out of the office for a morning or two
  2. It’s a way to spend some time in the delightful downtown event venue Old Metropolitan Hall (you know you’ve been wanting to check it out)
  3. You will learn more about how to use social media for your business, your job, and your personal interests than you would ever have believed possible in just half a day
  4. You will meet other, interesting Charlottesville people for possible friendship and business partnership opportunities (and who knows? Maybe more!)
  5. Free lunch, free coffee, and free air conditioning

Follow the jump for more information, or just call 434 -260- 7144 right now and sign up.


Intermediate Social Marketing: Perhaps you’ve dabbled in social marketing as an

organization but have no real structure or strategy for your social media engagement

in your business. If you know your way around the tools, this is the session for you.


Advanced Social Marketing: Come ready to build a strategic social media plan for

your business. We’ll skip the basics and head into strategy, measurement, dashboard

use, and next-level management of your business’s social marketing presence.

Each session is $189 per person, lunch included.

From 9 AM to 1PM at Old Metropolitan Hall

on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall.