Five Steps to Take After you Publish a Blog Post

By August 11, 2010Communications

So you finally got down to it, wrote and published a blog post. Think you’re done? Hardly!

Here are five steps to take to make sure that people actually find and read your blog post:

1. Do a Google blog search on the topic of your post. Find other posts that are similar in nature, read them and, if appropriate, leave a comment.

2. Share the link to your post across your social networks — on Twitter, Facebook and if appropriate, LinkedIn.

3. If your business/company/organization has a Facebook page, post the link to the post (if it is relevant to the business) on the page.

4. Think about who you know who is not an active part of your social network, but who would really appreciate what you’ve just written. You can probably think of a couple of people. Send them the link in an individually addressed e-mail.

5. If you are lucky enough to have generated some comments, respond to them.

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