Happy Winter Holidays Season Nonspecific Non-Religious Greetings!

By December 6, 2011Communications

In business communications, it’s standard practice to apply politically correct behavior and go with the standard Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings — the all-encompassing, non-specific reference to the season in which many religions celebrate in their own unique ways. In addition, the non-religious also celebrate, and sometimes, we all celebrate in pretty much the same way. (Pass the nog, please.)

The Jaggers Communications holiday cards are in production and we’ve gone with a pretty neutral “winter” theme — preview on the right. (Cute, right? Thanks to Watermark Design!) We think it’s important to send greetings commemorating the end of the year and to share our appreciation for clients, referral sources and friends. We also enjoy getting cards that celebrate life in a variety of ways.

How does your business handle the greetings of the season?