How, and Why, to Use LinkedIn Projects

By June 23, 2014Communications

There was much discussion at a client’s office last week about the use of projects on LinkedIn profiles. It started, because the client has clients of its own. For purposes of sales, lead generation, and peer-to-peer relationship building, they wanted to create a profile for a team member that made sure it was clear there was a relationship with the firm’s customer.

It’s not appropriate to create a profile that shows that customer as the team member’s employer — that’s just not true. Any time you include a client in Experience it’s going to look like you were an employee there — even if it’s simultaneous with your current work experience.

Enter “Projects” as the solution to this problem.

When you add Projects to your LinkedIn profile, they are listed underneath the employer that managed that work. You can list a client company name in the project, and even tag other project team members, but it doesn’t make it look like you had a desk, a parking spot, and a 401k there.

If you need guidance on how to add projects, just follow the instructions here.