Is Your Company on Facebook and Twitter? Really?

By February 18, 2010Social Media

Chicos tweetLast week, I blogged about my frustration with Chico’s and a customer service issue that I thought offered them the opportunity to change the conversation.

I was pleased that a customer service manager went out of her way to call me and e-mail me to follow up. She even offered to locate the out-of-stock dress for me, which was very good customer service.

HOWEVER, the manager only knew about my issue because of the online chat I’d had with a customer service rep who forwarded it on to “the appropriate department.” Even though I’d tweeted and blogged, tagging the post with Chico’s-related keywords, it was NOT picked up via social media. At all.

This is a cautionary tale to companies who are “on” Facebook and Twitter. Just being there doesn’t count. If you set up these accounts you need to use them – to be responsive and listening to customers. Interaction is critical. If you’re not going to do that, there’s no point in being there at all.


  • So true. That’s why monitoring is important – so companies can quickly see that someone is reaching out to them and respond.

    Here’s hoping companies wake up and interact,

  • Marijean says:

    Thanks, Renee – to me, it’s akin to having an 800 number for customer service that no one answers. What’s even more disheartening is that I can tell from Google Analytics that there were 26 visitors to that blog post from Chico’s but not a single one interacted with me in the social media space. I wonder why not? And if the company has a policy against social media interaction, then why on earth have they created the Facebook page and the Twitter account. Puzzling indeed.