Let’s See YOUR Video Blog Post

By August 19, 2010Communications


  • Joe Meade says:

    Vanity DOES prevent us from posting video and text content alike! So true. You rock though. I love your text posts and encourage you to continue the video theme. The first is always the hardest. Don’t listen to the haters. Do what you do, ’cause you do it well.

  • Way to step it up Marijean! I find that review-type videos are very popular, including tangible products, software, apps, or services. People are always looking for help or guidance and video is a great medium to illustrate something that might otherwise be difficult with text. Plus, it’s just more fun!

    Since you asked, here is my latest video blog post http://bit.ly/bAEpmJ and the rest … http://bit.ly/cspZ0z