What Does it Take to be a LinkedIn All-Star?

By February 21, 2013Communications, Social Media

You may have noticed some changes to your LinkedIn profile. If your profile has been rolled over to the new, updated format, you will see a graphic in the right-hand column, measuring your profile strength. LinkedIn thinks I’m an All-Star.

All Star


This is a measurement ONLY YOU CAN SEE on your individual profile. It exists to let you know that there is still potential for your business profile to be complete and generate meaningful activity in your social network. The All-Star rating is the highest given, and indicates that the user has strategically and intentionally created a robust, fully fleshed out profile, cultivated a deep network, engages with that network by connecting others, answering questions, sharing content, and accepting new contacts.

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile today, and see what distinction your profile strength has earned.