LinkedIn: Zero to All-Star in Under Two Hours

By March 5, 2015Communications

One of the most requested services we offer seems so simple on its surface. The Executive Session is designed to help clients in a one-0n-one meeting define their individual professional communications goals, review and improve their online presence, and create a plan for them to continue on a strategic path. Since professionally, one’s LinkedIn presence is sometimes the only place a person is visible online, we focus on getting our clients’ LinkedIn profiles up to snuff.

What I’ve observed in these sessions is that we can get a client up to All-Star status consistently in under two hours. Devoting the time to getting that important work done is often not a priority for business people, but the benefits they realize as soon as they’ve completed this work have a lot of value.

Rarely does anyone WANT to sit down and master a LinkedIn profile. People are overwhelmed by the platform, or worried about doing something wrong, or just annoyed by the hassle of taking the time to do what might be thought of as a tedious task. That’s why we set aside this time for a session we aim to make fun, fast, informative, and above all, valuable.

We get you to get this important work done — and for many people who have taken advantage of this service, it’s helped them build business, make valuable new connections, and further their career objectives.

Now, isn’t it time you were an All-Star?