Mourning the Loss of Google Reader: What now?!

Marijean JaggersI’ve been a long-time user and fan of Google Reader, so news of its demise is hard to take. I feel bad, too, having encouraged clients, students and workshop participants to use Google Reader for YEARS. I wonder how many of you, followers of this blog and any of my efforts to educate the public on using feed readers, monitoring content online, or efficiently reading blog content, have been using Google Reader as well?

For my own purposes, and for those of you who depend on me to navigate these waters, I’ve been doing a little research into what replacement to use.

Lifehacker published Five Best Google Reader Alternatives, but I’ve looked into this a little further.

Feedly is one option, but the masses flocking to it have already caused it to crash, making it less attractive as an option.

I have used one of the alternatives, Netvibes, in the past. I’ve decided to return to it because it has the cleanest interface and I can easily export my feeds from Google Reader and import them to Netvibes, and not miss a thing in transition.

How have you decided to handle feed reading in the future?

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