You Don’t Have to Be a Naked Cowboy to Stand Out in 2012


  • DoTime_WX says:

    Brand consistency is so important. Actually in the process of changing logo’s for a website / blog due to this exact issue.

    Thank you for the posting Darcy.

  • watermarkdesign says:

    @DoTime_WX Thank you for taking the time to read it William! Good luck with the logo and Website – we are always here to help!

  • DoTime_WX says:

    Thank you Darcy. We are at begining stages of a logo / brand. I will most definitely give you consideration when that stage is reached.

  • Marijean says:

    That brand consistency piece is so often missed — and it’s always surprising to me that companies don’t see that as important. Thanks for a great post darcey ohlin lacy

  • watermarkdesign says:

    @Marijeandarcey ohlin lacy Thank YOU Marijean.

  • AmyBright says:

    Great Post..I have learned so much from you all @watermarkdesign as I start my new business-thanks for ALL the help!

  • watermarkdesign says:

    @AmyBright@watermarkdesign Thanks Amy! Keep up on Marijean”s posts- they are always helpful as you start to blog and use social media!