Why Science-Based Business is our Priority

By July 19, 2012Communications

One thing the Jaggers Communications team universally agrees on is doing our work to make the world a better place. Our professional experiences have given us history with companies working toward cures for conditions like diabetes and heart disease, cancer and mental illness. It’s exciting to learn about advancements being made that help people, whether it’s by making our world cleaner and more energy-efficient or a safer, generally healthier environment. We’re not scientists, but science is interesting to us, and our backgrounds in communications supporting companies based on science puts us in a good position to assist in developing and telling the stories that help that work grow and be sustainable.

We have been energized by conversations with start-up companies just learning to articulate what it is that they do to a wider audience. It’s fun and fascinating to walk them through the steps that result in the company’s brand position, key messages and overall communications strategy.

The results of these efforts are rewarded, as in when we got an email from a client after getting a pretty nice write-up offer from a major trade publication, “Wow,” the client said, “this PR stuff really works.”

Moments like that put a big smile on my face, and more importantly, our clients’.