Social Media Assignment #13: Add Sections to your LinkedIn Profile

By September 29, 2011Social Media

If you’re new to LinkedIn, step back a bit and review an earlier social media assignment. Perhaps this one or this one. ┬áIf you’ve been using LinkedIn for a while, casually or even strategically, you need to know about a new, profile-enhancing feature on the platform.

You can now add sections to your profile to more easily clarify items like certifications or organizations to which you belong. Here’s a list of the section options offered by LinkedIn:

To add any of these items, log in to your LinkedIn account, select Profile, then edit Profile from the top menu. Scroll down past the main part of your profile and just after that you will see a green plus sign and the Add Sections option. Click on that and follow the instructions to add individual sections and enhance your profile.

This is a great addition to the platform, as previously certifications and volunteer engagement was jumbled up with skills, in summaries and within interests. Give it a try!