Social Media Lesson #14: Mind Your Web Site

By October 18, 2011Communications

See this?





This is a screenshot of “Client D”‘s web site when viewed in Chrome. The site looks the same way when viewed on a smartphone.

In fact, “Client D”‘s web site only looked “right” in Internet Explorer . . . and the worst of it was . . . the client didn’t even know this.

Today’s social media assignment is simple — but what it reveals may not be. Look at your website in a variety of browsers, in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome . . . and on a smartphone or two. Do you like what you see? Is it useful? Is it WHAT YOU WANT YOUR CUSTOMERS TO SEE?

The great news is that “Client D” will be launching a brand, new fabulous web site in just a few days . . .

It’s important. Mind your web site.