Social Media Questions from the Field

By October 20, 2011Social Media

I have been doing a lot of public speaking lately — and that’s great — because it’s something I really enjoy. One reason I like it is that it generates a lot of questions and keeps me on my toes, answering those questions on the spot. Here’s a sampling of some of the questions I responded to yesterday.

  • Should we be blogging every day? Every day is a great, although probably unrealistic goal. Shoot for three times a week. 
  • What do you think about QR codes? Funny you should ask. 
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Here’s my issue with QR codes — conceptually they’re great. They are an efficient way of transmitting information using a smartphone. There are creative ways to use them effectively and some good ideas for their application. My problem is this: the execution of the use of QR codes is so often poor that I’ve become jaded and reluctant to use them. I’m hoping this changes, or that there’s greater adoption and better examples of their use — otherwise, I’d just as soon see them replaced by something else. 

  •  How can we use Facebook as a group? Think of it as your internal communications vehicle. Is it your new company newsletter? Is it a forum for discussion about company topics and industry news? Create an editorial calendar of topics to share and generate consistency to get the conversation rolling. 
  • Can we use Google+ as a business? Nope, sorry. You can use it as individuals, however.
  • Is there a way to update in one place and have it show up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Sure, that’s what Tweetdeck and Hootsuite do; I like Tweetdeck, myself.
  • Is it OK to blog off topic? Well sure, once in awhile, to make it personal and to keep things interesting. I submit, as an example, my friend Ken’s video below which really isn’t on his main topic, which is social media, and yet does a great job of letting the audience get to know Ken. 

Are you still here? After THAT?


I love answering questions about social media, so share yours here in the comments and I’ll follow up with another post.