It’s Not just that WE are Social. The World is.

We talk about social media. We talk with clients about their social media strategy. We talk on this website about social media trends and forecasts. We are a public relations firm. Our job is to relay a company’s stories and messages to the public. It’s just that the public happens to be on social  networks.

We have said this in so many different ways. Social networks were a fundamental tool in the Arab Spring uprising. They are a platform to help people get jobs. If Facebook were a country, it’s population would be 100 BILLION. We’ve talked about how it doesn’t matter what your perception of the social networks is, their importance is undeniable. But still, companies occasionally still tell us that they are not interested in the social media piece.

That is ok. We can still help you with brand positioning, crisis communications and public relations. But there’s a big chunk of the world that will never hear your message because you didn’t present it in the space that they’re already visiting.