how to get more likes on your facebook page

7 Ways to Get More Likes on your Facebook Page

By Communications

  1. Invest in targeted Facebook ads for a defined period of time (consider it a test — if it works, great!)
  2. Use a third party app to host a contest or promotion. Be aware that there are very specific rules and regulations concerning contests or promotions on Facebook. Follow them. Facebook Promotions: What you need to know is an excellent post on this topic.
  3. Share your blog posts on the page, then share the page on your profile so you reach your audience of fans as well as friends.
  4. Provide value for your fans at least 3x a week.  View insights to see what updates have impact.
  5. “Like” a bunch of other pages.
  6. Tag others in your updates on the page.
  7. Host a blog festival and invite people to share their domains on your page.

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What innovative ideas have you used to gain more “likes” on your Facebook page?