royal baby

How will you Learn of the Royal Baby’s Birth?

By Communications, Jaggers Communications News

By the time I hit publish on this post, the Royal Baby (RB) could very well have arrived. An event anticipated LONG before the necessary players were in place, it’s an international relief to have the news break.

I’m wondering how we’ll learn the news first. I would have said Twitter years or even months ago, but my own Twitter use has waned somewhat and I think I’m more likely to learn of RB’s birth on Facebook. It’s possible I’ll be out of the loop (shocking, I know) and a human in-real-life will share the news. They, of course, would have gotten it from the internet on a computer or tablet or from their smartphone.

How will you hear the news? If that little rascal has arrived, how DID you hear the news?

I’m eager to learn the name, also relieved that we’re not anticipating a little North, a Django or a Katniss. I’m pulling for a girl, personally. I’ll come back and comment on how the news was broken to me, if you’ll do the same.