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Personal Branding and the Changing of a Name

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Gratuitous wedding photo

I got married in July of 2016 and because I feel strongly about such things, I changed my last name to be the same as my husband’s: Oldham.

When I named my business in 2010, I had a different last name, one I’d carried since 1989 and didn’t expect to change. Jaggers Communications is the name of my firm. I like it, I like the logo and the brand I’ve developed.

Because of all the work I’ve done leading up to the launch of the business at the beginning of 2011 and until the present day, there is a lot of good search engine optimization tied up in the Jaggers Communications brand and in my own, former name, Marijean Jaggers.

I thought a lot about re-naming the business. I even settled on a potential new name and embarked on the design of a logo. But I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

I’m going to stick with Jaggers Communications.

My challenge is to publish content with my new last name and earn the Google juice needed for Marijean Oldham, but that’s a challenge I welcome, and it will be fun to be able to track these fresh results.


How will you Learn of the Royal Baby’s Birth?

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By the time I hit publish on this post, the Royal Baby (RB) could very well have arrived. An event anticipated LONG before the necessary players were in place, it’s an international relief to have the news break.

I’m wondering how we’ll learn the news first. I would have said Twitter years or even months ago, but my own Twitter use has waned somewhat and I think I’m more likely to learn of RB’s birth on Facebook. It’s possible I’ll be out of the loop (shocking, I know) and a human in-real-life will share the news. They, of course, would have gotten it from the internet on a computer or tablet or from their smartphone.

How will you hear the news? If that little rascal has arrived, how DID you hear the news?

I’m eager to learn the name, also relieved that we’re not anticipating a little North, a Django or a Katniss. I’m pulling for a girl, personally. I’ll come back and comment on how the news was broken to me, if you’ll do the same.

And our 2013 Community Partner Is… Earth Week Charlottesville!

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JC_Logo_LowRes.jpgEvery year, we invite proposals from local nonprofits who are interested in some pro-bono communications services. Why? Without going into the whole thing, I’ve always felt that giving back is important – and working with a community partner for a year is a great way for me to do the work I love for someone in our community who couldn’t necessarily afford our services otherwise!
This year, we’ve selected Earth WeekMarijean Jaggers as the 2013 Jaggers Communications Community Partner. Earth Week is a series of events that celebrate Earth Day in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties. The cornerstone of Earth Week is the EcoFair, an event offering workshops, live music, a book swap, local brews and food, and kid-friendly entertainment, all highlighting the work of environmental organizations and businesses in the community. We are very excited to be developing an integrated, strategic communications plan to support Earth Week’s programs, events, and resources.
Watch for communications materials about Earth Week to start coming out in the next few weeks, and we’ll watch for you at the EcoFair on Sunday, April 21st from noon to 6pm at the Main Street Arena!

Jaggers Communications Announces New Client Engagements

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Firm to support HelioSage Energy, Summit Custom Homes, and Charlottesville High School

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (October 16, 2012) – Jaggers Communications, a strategic marketing and public relations firm with a growing presence in Central Virginia, announced today new partnership with three Charlottesville-based clients. The company will provide strategic communications counsel, planning, and execution for HelioSage Energy, a solar project development firm, coordinate the launch of a high-tech show home and community relations campaign for Summit Custom Homes in 2013, and provide social media strategy and training for the staff and educators of Charlottesville High School.

“We’re delighted to be serving as the communication partner for three organizations in industries where we excel; sustainable energy, education, and technology,” said Marijean Jaggers, president of Jaggers Communications.

The firm has added several clients to its roster in 2012 including HemoShear, a biotechnology research company, Lumos Networks, a telecommunications provider headquartered in Waynesboro, Va., the Charlottesville Albemarle Association of REALTORS® (CAAR), and Rebecca’s Natural Food, a supplement and organic grocery store based in Charlottesville.


 About Jaggers Communications

Jaggers Communications applies experience to help businesses and nonprofits reach their business goals through strategic marketing, content creation, public relations and social media. Jaggers Communications provides organizations in the health care, education, technology, sciences, and sustainable energy industries with social media consulting, public relations support, and reputation management strategy. The firm was founded in 2011 to serve businesses with a need for cost-effective, strategic communications with effective reach.