Personal Branding and the Changing of a Name

By October 13, 2016January 16th, 2017Jaggers Communications News, Marketing

Gratuitous wedding photo

I got married in July of 2016 and because I feel strongly about such things, I changed my last name to be the same as my husband’s: Oldham.

When I named my business in 2010, I had a different last name, one I’d carried since 1989 and didn’t expect to change. Jaggers Communications is the name of my firm. I like it, I like the logo and the brand I’ve developed.

Because of all the work I’ve done leading up to the launch of the business at the beginning of 2011 and until the present day, there is a lot of good search engine optimization tied up in the Jaggers Communications brand and in my own, former name, Marijean Jaggers.

I thought a lot about re-naming the business. I even settled on a potential new name and embarked on the design of a logo. But I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

I’m going to stick with Jaggers Communications.

My challenge is to publish content with my new last name and earn the Google juice needed for Marijean Oldham, but that’s a challenge I welcome, and it will be fun to be able to track these fresh results.



  • Holler at me if you want some advice on the SEO front. We rebranded our company, and we’ve had many staff members get married who face the personal brand challenge as well. It doesn’t have to be an uphill battle from an SEO standpoint. 🙂

  • KeriAn Dodson says:

    I mean, I guess this opens up the discussion of how our society is set up… IDK, just, there’s pretty much never a man who runs into this dilemma… *sigh* You’ll come out on top, Marijean! 😉

  • Well it IS a super snazzy logo. You will rock it under whatever name. So GO ON, Mrs. O!

  • Kalanit says:

    Can you publish under Marijean Jaggers Oldham…and eventually Marijean J. Oldham…and eventually Marijean Oldham – kind of a progression?!