The Sometimes Surprising Value of a Strong Social Network

By January 25, 2011Social Media


  • Tim Trotter says:

    With men, we don’t know how to build a social network. We think that women want to date us, or are afraid of us, so it seems safe to stay quiet, (or way to loud). I want to start a small comedy improv theater group which doesn’t own a building, but rents empty spaces as needed for performances. “Love builds” Tim

  • Marijean says:

    Tim, I think that may be one reason why there are more men using LinkedIn — it’s clear that if you’re there it’s because you want to do business. That might be a place for you to focus on growing your social network to create support for your theater group.

  • ‘Provide valuable content..’ you have said it all in these three words! i agree with you that if we are truly using social media to benefit us, there should be a strategy of how to do it… the intention initially shouldn’t be that ‘i am doing this thing to get business’ the prime forcus should be connectivity. the better you connect the better chances are there to get better business!