Top 3 Questions asked at Social Media Speaking Gigs

By November 9, 2011Communications, Social Media

I’ve been doing a lot of speaking about social media for the last several years but have done a number of larger presentations focused on specific industries in recent months. It’s interesting for me to consider the challenges of attracting specific and different audiences and building communities of and for different kinds of people.

No matter the audience, the same three questions come up:

  1. How do you do it all?
  2. What should we do first?
  3. How do we get more fans?
The answers:
  1. I don’t do everything; I focus my efforts on a few things, namely, blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and on producing quality content for speaking engagements and business building outreach in my community. I delegate when I can and I say no when I’m overburdened. I’ve limited my volunteer efforts significantly and rely on technology to help me manage my time for the rest. 
  2. First, you should make sure your infrastructure is sound, and by that I mean you have a quality website that works and provides you the ability to publish content (i.e. a blog). Once this is accomplished, then sharing across social platforms is the next, natural step. 
  3. How many fans do you really need? Concentrate on developing real relationships and providing valuable content and real, engaged, loyal fans will find and support you. 
If you have a group that would be interested in a fun, informative social media learning session, let me know.