Turn that Stack of Business Cards into a Social Network

By September 17, 2010Social Media


  • Chuck Moran says:

    Great idea! What do you mean when you say you’re putting them into “My Contact?” You mean directly into Linkedin?

    Thanks. And where’s that pic? ;-D


  • Dr. Dolly says:

    Great tip. By the way, LOVE your eye make-up (esp. your eyebrows). Next time, will you do a cool card shuffling trick? Just for fun?

  • Marijean says:

    Dolly – HA — my cool card shuffling trick will be me dropping them or having them explode dramatically out of my hands.

    And God and my parents get all the credit for my Groucho Marx brows. 🙂

    Chuck, I’m putting them into outlook because I have some exporting to do from there for the company — I will then upload my contacts from outlook into LinkedIn in a quick integration step.

  • Good morning! Do you mean add to Outlook contacts, and then Linked-in allows you to pull contacts in?

  • Marijean says:

    Barb, Good morning to you, too! Yes, enter into Outlook, then upload to LinkedIn — it’s the quickest, most efficient way.