How Cost Plus World Market is Using Pinterest

By August 23, 2012Marketing, Social Media

I’m not a person who enters contests. That’s why, when I found myself spending an extraordinary amount of time entering a contest put on by World Market — with the chance to win just a $100 gift card, I took notice.

What compelled me to go through the steps necessary to participate? Especially because it was time consuming AND the payout is relatively small? One answer: Pinterest.

Part of it is professional curiosity to see how a consumer business is using Pinterest to host a promotional contest. Other than that, I like World Market — I shop there occasionally and am doing a little home and office redecorating — an extra $100 would go a long way! Not to mention, Pinterest is fun; it’s clear I’m not alone in this opinion as it’s the fastest growing social network to date. We can focus on the gender divide that says Pinterest draws many more women than men, and what that means for your marketing strategy, but if you KNOW your customer is female, why bother?

Are you using Pinterest for your business? Why or why not? Would you consider using the tool as a way to generate attention for your products and promote your brand?