A little more here and less over there

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re under construction. After many rumblings and long ponderings, Marijean and the team have decided to spruce up the place a bit. We’re also releasing a monthly newsletter. (If you did not receive July’s, you can sign up here.)

Please pardon the mess, and I promise it will be nice and clean (and easier to navigate!) soon.


  • Lisa Wetherby says:

    You guys always forget that not everyone reads these posts on your website.  Subscribe to your feed, why don’tcha.  You’ll see that you lose all context, which makes these posts seem bizarre.

  • Marijean says:

     @Lisa Wetherby Hey Lisa — we, of course, subscribe to our own feed and can see the byline for every poster — up at the top, under the header you can see if the post is by Rusty, Erika, Amy or me. 

  • Lisa Wetherby says:

    Do you subscribe so that you get these posts in your email?  Give me an email addy – I’ll be happy to forward you what I get.