Celebrating New Office Space

I have a blank wall before me in a fresh new office. That’s not a metaphor; we’ve moved into space at 820 E. High Street in Charlottesville. We quickly outgrew the last space we were in and this one allows for some future growth and accommodation of the current Jaggers Communications team. Sitting here this morning, unpacking a box and reorganizing files, waiting for a new, comfortable chair to arrive, reminds me of all the “new” offices I’ve had in my past.

There was the corner of the mailroom at Illinois History magazine, a job I held in high school and prized because it felt grown up, and was on the path I envisioned for myself back then. I hung a poster of Sting in my “office;” really a desk surrounded by filing cabinets.

I had a desk in the back room of a Sears store when I was a merchandise coordinator while in college. The area doubled as storage space and was depressed with florescent lighting and false retail cheer.

I sat in what appeared to be the receptionist’s seat, right inside the door in a tiny office of my first agency where I was an intern, then an associate. The desk was in the line of sight of the boss. She liked having me there. I couldn’t wait to leave.

Next I was in a fabulous downtown building in St. Louis — right near the riverfront with a fantastic view. The job sucked, though and I had that view for a short, miserable six months.

The next office landed me in suburban St. Louis for six years or so — hard to get to, musty, uncomfortable space that was made unpleasant by equipment that needed upgrading and fellow tenants who were either loud or smelly.

The next career jog spanned two offices, both decidedly “meh;” one with a windowless space painted industrial green.

The office I loved best was with Standing Partnership in Creve Coeur, St. Louis, Missouri. Spacious, individual offices for 20+ people, a useful conference room, a nice break room, clean, well-appointed restrooms. I was spoiled by that office.

After that I worked from home for five years. It was great, in a way. I have a very nice home office with a walkout, a nice view, a puppy at my feet and great furniture. I was happy in that office but it was awfully lonely.

I did a stint at OpenSpace, which I recommend to anyone who is a sole proprietor, working remotely or in need of a landing space to get work done in Charlottesville. Tell them I sent you.

I’m happy to have a fresh new office. It’s clean and pleasant; convenient and roomy. It has a great conference room and a decent kitchen. I think we’ll be very happy here for awhile.

What kind of offices have you had? What were your favorites? What were the worst?


  • selizbur says:

    I’m so excited for your move and growth!
    I’m sitting in my FIRST office ever. I don’t even know what to do!  Previously, I was doing my job from a receptionists’ desk which added a lot of ‘other duties as assigned’ to my already crazy workload, but it wasn’t so bad. 🙂

  • JenniferMarley says:

    Congrats on the new space! Will there be an open house? …with nachos?
    My current office at Charlottesville Tomorrow is by far my favorite. It’s in CitySpace, so there’s always something interesting going on around us – art exhibits, meetings, etc. Plus, we have huge windows with a great view of the Downtown Mall. This lets plenty of light in…and allows me to indulge in some harmless voyeurism. 🙂

  • Marijean says:

     @JenniferMarley You’re right — that is a great office. The view, alone is so great — the official window on Charlottesville. I also like when I’m spotted by you or one of your colleagues as I traverse the mall and get a Twitter message. 
    I love the idea of an open house with nachos and perhaps a pie bar. 

  • Marijean says:

     @selizbur Congratulations! Go buy some fun desk organizers! I am desperate for stuff to hang on the walls in the new space, but I’m having fun stocking up on office supplies for now. 

  • kailimillner says:

    i love working out of the super secret downtown office that we have. light, bright, well-designed. while amy’s done her best with “the cave” it’s windowlessness is not ideal. though i did just order lightbulbs the temperature of daylight. good for photography and warding off seasonal affective disorder. 

  • Marijean says:

     @kailimillner Really smart, Kai’li. I think a good lamp for my desk will be just the ticket, especially in the winter months. 

  • ErikaGennari1 says:

     @Marijean I remember that smelly office! @JenniferMarley Doesn’t being surrounded by artwork help keep you upbeat?! I totally agree. I had an office in Downtown St. Louis inside of a children’s art museum (www.citymuseum.org). I walked in and out happy everyday regardless of what was going on.