Jaggers Communications: A Week in Review

A friend who is a VP of marketing complained of content overload from communications people online, the constant barrage of self-promotional posts and updates that consultants and professionals rely upon to share information and provide value but also, obviously, to market their smarts.

It probably doesn’t help that this friend is MY friend and therefore sees my stream of content as well. (I think he’s sick of me, too.)

So rather than blog about Google+ or provide business social media tips today, I’m sharing a bit about the jam-packed week we’ve just completed.

On Monday, I presented the completed strategic communications plan for a client and was delighted by the warm feedback and pleased responses from the board. It was a very rewarding project and I’m looking forward to seeing the plan put into action.

Tuesday started off with a breakfast meeting (that evolved into a new business contact introduction) followed by a meeting with another client, looking ahead at a lot of exciting and fun work for the fall. I also had an advisory council meeting at Legal Aid Justice Center; (if you are in a position to fund a matching grant for technology upgrades for a nonprofit, let me know).

Wednesday I met with yet another client for yet another presentation of a plan — this time a digital communications plan. It was great to able to share with them the culmination of our work together, messaging, brand positioning and recommendations for their engagement going forward. I’m excited to see this all take shape and for it to impact their business. During the meeting we set up five future meetings — so we’re all going to become fast friends, I think. In the afternoon I met my friend Steve Gaines for lunch. Steve’s general manager and head honcho over at Monticello Media. That evening I met with a potential new client who immediately signed up for the workshop I gave the very next day . . .

Thursday morning, bright and early, I baked a Key Lime Pie. I often bring pie for the participants in my workshops and today was no exception. Social Media Summer School was at Open Space from 9am till noon and the three hours had the attendees fully engaged and learning a lot.

On Friday, I met with three different clients, a long time client for breakfast, a new client after lunch and wrapped up the day with an ongoing client, to provide some social media coaching.

No wonder I’m wiped out! This morning I’m focusing on personal interests; I’m off to take a canning class. Have a great Saturday!